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Construction Timeline
Timeline of construction progress at the district

2019 | Community Engagement & Public Input

  • MARCH 2019: District 401 sets up website page to serve as central repository for public information about a possible bond referendum to fund elementary school construction/remodeling/addition work. 
  • MARCH-DECEMBER 2019: Community engagement outreach, surveys, presentation of options, analysis of feedback and development of final plan for Elmwood Elementary School remodeling and John Mills Elementary school remodeling and addition.
  • DECEMBER 2019: District 401 Board of Education approval of final plan and ballot question.

2021 | Preparation, Bids, Information Sessions

  • JANUARY-DECEMBER 2021: DLA Architects and International Contractors, Inc. (ICI) continue preparing for spring 2022 groundbreaking, including reviewing and assessing bids.
  • OCTOBER-NOVEMBER 2021: Public sessions are held at both schools in which architectural renderings of the planned changes are shown and visitors are given tours of the schools.
  • NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2021: Bid package award recommendations are presented to the District 401 Board of Education; bid package awards are approved for the Elmwood and John Mills projects.

2022 | Groundbreaking & Phase I Work

  • MARCH 2022: Initial foundation work begins at Elmwood.
  • MAY 11, 2022: Elmwood groundbreaking ceremony is held.
  • MAY 17, 2022: John Mills groundbreaking ceremony is held.
  • MAY 31, 2022: Work begins at John Mills.
  • SUMMER 2022 AT ELMWOOD: Phase I renovation of the first floor
  • SUMMER 2022 AT JOHN MILLS: Phase I renovation of the south wing (both floors) and west wing (both floors); installation of new LED lighting in the cafeteria and gym; start of addition to the school.
  • AUGUST 31, 2022: First day of school; the start of classes was moved back to maximize the amount of time available for construction work.
  • DURING 2022-23 SCHOOL YEAR: Work continues as needed but with no disruption to classes or student activities

2023 | Phase II Work

  • SUMMER 2023 AT ELMWOOD: Phase II renovation of the second floor.
  • SUMMER 2023 AT JOHN MILLS: Phase II renovation of remaining first-floor classrooms; renovation of second-floor classrooms, flex rooms and teacher work areas above the main office; work continues on addition.
  • DURING 2023-24 SCHOOL YEAR: Work continues as needed but with no disruption to classes or student activities

2024 | Completion

  • SUMMER 2024: Completion of mill work, flooring and lighting at both schools
  • AUGUST 2024: Anticipated completion date at both schools