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McKinney-Vento (Homeless)


Board of Education Policy 6:140 Education of Homeless Students provides that any homeless child shall be immediately admitted, even if the child or child's parent/guardian is unable to produce records normally required for enrollment. A homeless child may attend the district school that the child attended when permanently housed or in which the child was last enrolled. A homeless child living in any district school's attendance area may attend that school. Students eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act shall have transportation provided to them in accordance with both state and federal law. Homeless students will also have all school fees waived and will become automatically eligible for free or reduced cost meals provided by the District.

The District 401 liaison for homeless children is: Dr. Stephanie Daly, Director of Student Services, 8201 W. Fullerton Avenue, Elmwood Park, IL 60707, (708)583-5836,

For more information about Homeless Student/McKinney-Vento Services, please visit the West 40 Community Resources.

Who Qualifies for this Help?

McKinney-Vento eligible children are those who lack a fixed, regular and adequate nighttime abode. In general, children or youth living in motels, transitional housing, shelters, the street, cars, abandoned buildings, and other inadequate accommodations may be considered eligible for McKinney-Vento services. This includes, but is not limited to, the following groups:

  • Doubled-up Children: living with another family due to lack of a permanent residence
  • Children in Shelters: including transitional living programs
  • Children Living in Motels: due to lack of alternative adequate living situation
  • Migratory Children: if accommodations are not fit for habitation
  • Runaways*: children who have left home and live in a shelter or inadequate accommodations, even if parents are willing to provide a home
  • Lockouts*: children whose parents or guardians will not permit them to live at home

*These two categories are Unaccompanied Homeless Youth (UHY), children not in the physical custody of their parent or court-ordered guardian and lack a fixed, regular and adequate abode.

Dispute Resolution Process

When a disagreement arises regarding the eligibility of a student under McKinney-Vento and/or McKinney-Vento services provided to that student, the LEA Liaison can't resolve it.